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Introduction To Peter's Place Of Genealogical Journalism

Last Updated November 18, 2009

Hi! I'm Peter Warwick. Welcome to Peter's Place Of Genealogical Journalism (Peter's Place for short), web pages devoted to genealogical journalism and related. It was first created as a separate section of Peter's Place Of Freelance Journalism December 10, 2002. It is intended to help genealogists with other aspects of their hobby.

All of the clip art on Peter's Place is my own, except for the Canadian flag, which I don't know where it came from. If it's copyright, please advise me and I'll remove it or give the creator credit. The background comes from Netscape.

Links are provided for your convience and do not necessarily reflect my own moral values. However, I will not knowingly link to sites promoting hatred, crimes against children or crimes against the environment.

On November 18, 2009 Peter's Place Of Genealogical Journalism was separated from Peter's Place Of Freelance Journalism. The later has been moved to its own domain and server.

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