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Last Updated June 5, 2003

Please Note: These links are provided for reference and your convenience. They do not necessarily mean approval of their policies or contents.


The 1911 Edition Encyclopedia Britannica
The Canadian Encyclopedia
Disinfopedia: The Encyclopedia Of Propaganada
Encyclopedia Britannica
Legal Encyclopedia (US)
Online Musical Encyclopedia
Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia

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Reference Works

Altavista Translation
Antique Books
Ask Yahoo
Britannica Internet Guide
Business & Copy Writer FAQ
Conversion Tables
Currency Converter
Fast Facts
Findlaw (US)
The Getty Information Institute
Guinness Book World Records
How Stuff Works
Information Please
International Time Zone Information
Lists Of Lists
Medical/Health Associations
My Virtual Reference Desk
Online Journalist FAQ
Scholes Library Reference Resource Page
Speech & Transcript Center
Time And Date
Today In History
The Universal Currency Converter
Virtual Reference Desk
Weather Office

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